Our services are provided in the following professional fields:

Diversification into various business fields
- Power sector
- Railways and
- Oil & Gas
Electrical &Instrumentation installation, Testing & Commissioning for Oil & Gas projects
Electrical and Mechanical installations for Power projects
Power system installation, testing & commissioning for Rail Projects
Electro-mechanical installations, testing & Commissioning
Power System Engineering / design consultant
Skilled and unskilled manpower supply
Detailed strategies achievement against specific client’s requirement
Quality Management
Contract Administration
Construction Management
Commissioning and Handover
Project Close-out and Asset Aftercare
Project Management Services
Master Planning, Scope Definition and Project Initiation
Time and Cost saving methodologies
Extension of Time claims development and evaluations
Loss & Expenses, Variation orders development and evaluations
Develop, Identification and monitor Risk Management Strategies

Our methodology is based on the premise that projects do not fail at completion, but outcomes can be severely compromised by inadequate attention to the determination of project requirements.

Successful projects integrate teamwork, understanding, functionality, inventive, costs, programme, quality, leadership and client’s concernsat the earliest possible opportunity.

The common ingredients of all successful projects lie in the broad and sympathetic application of clear and precise steps, as follows:

Extensive client and end user discussions to analyze project requirements and to differentiate needs and wants

Selection and appointment of project team members with required capability and capacity to deliver required outcomes

Management of initial stages of project feasibility studies and the formulation of project scheme options for approval and funding purposes

Establishment of the Project Delivery Plan(Master programme), the Design Concepts and the Budget Estimates and monitor and mitigate to achieve the established plan.

Implementation of project management disciplines in relation to the developing design, including scope changes, procurement methods and management of construction contractors, cost planning and control, risk management and communications management

Management of the construction process, establishing the appropriate safeguards for the achievement of desired outcomes of final cost, timely completion, fitness for purpose, safety, commissioning and handover, defects liability and asset management.